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ODOCO coworking space

ODOCO coworking space

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1. How do I gain access to ODOCO’s services and network ?
To gain access, you need to register on https://www.odoco.co/Login. You can also use Facebook/LinkedIn to login and create an account.

2. How do I reset my password ?
Go on the login page and click on the “forgot password” option. An email with steps of how to reset password will be sent to your email address, after an OTP verification, with this you can change your password.

3. How does ODOCO use our information ?
ODOCO uses the information collected about you for general purposes: for registration and to manage your account, allow access to use our site and the information on it, to communicate with you/contact you, to respond to your questions, comments and queries, etc. Your information will be used and shared with registered users on the platform to help you find what you are looking for.

4. How can I access my information ?
You can access and update your information by going on the my account page : https://www.odoco.co/account/overview

5. Can I save my searches ?
You can save specific spaces to your favorites folder. Select the “Add to Favorite” option at the bottom of each listing to add it to your favorites list that you can view on your Account’s page. (Check if this can be done. If yes, we should do it.)

6. Who is responsible for any damages that may occur at the space/property ?
(refer terms and conditions). ODOCO will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur at the space since we are just responsible for connecting the Host and the User.. Either the Host or the User will be held responsible based on what they have agreed upon.

7. What is the difference between Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Cabins and Meeting Rooms ?
Hot Desk/Floating Desks : Unassigned desks and/or seating areas shared communally amongst a group of members. Generally the most economical.
Dedicated Desk: Desks rented out to one specific individual. A desk of your own in a shared space. Generally comes with private storage space.
Private cabin: Private closed space dedicated/assigned to one or more people working for the same business.
Meeting Rooms: A space where meetings are held. It can accommodate two or more people and can be booked as per requirement.

8. Have additional questions. Who to ask? How to contact you?
If you have a question that isn’t covered below please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall happily answer all your queries! Our contact information is provided on the “Contact us” page. https://www.odoco.co/Home/Contact

1. How do I list my space?
First, register and create an account and profile at ODOCO. Then create a listing of the workspace by clicking on “add workspace” and filling in the details of the space in the format provided.

2. How to add/ edit venue details ?
Manage and edit your venue listing from here. https://www.odoco.co/AddSpace Just click the venue card to edit the details. You can add additional workspaces by clicking the 'Add workspace button.

3. How much does it cost to list my venue/space ? (hosts) It is free till July 1st 2018. After which you will have to pay a small fee to subscribe and gain access to our services and ODOCO’s network.

4. What does the subscription/membership include for the Hosts? What support does ODOCO provide to space owners ?
Basic Subscription : includes get access to ODOCOs network, listing & showcasing their workspace, ability to browse through all user requirements/ user enquiries, pricing guidance for similar areas, access to user reviews and ratings. Allowing users looking for a workspace to be able to contact the host directly. Marketing - we market your space/listing through our online channels to ensure it gets maximum possible exposure.

Premium Subscription : includes everything provided in the Basic subscription plan + a feature which enables you to view users who have viewed your workspace, ...

5. Do the subscriptions begin from the 1st of every month ?
No, we have a flexible 28 day subscription. The day you register is the beginning of your first month and after 28 days is your second and so on.

6. Does the subscription price include taxes ?
No there will be an 18% GST on the subscription price.

8. What are the basic requirements to list a workspace ?
The basic requirements to list a workspace are : Free wifi, electricity, power outlets, restrooms, daily cleaning & good quality pictures.

9. Who will be booking my space ?
You will receive bookings from verified members of our community which include mobile professionals, creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We verify our member’s contact details and basic information to ensure that you feel comfortable welcoming them into your space. You are in complete control. You can review inquiries and view client profiles for each booking. We’ll do our best to ensure clients have great profiles and verified contact details.

10. What kinds of spaces are listed ?
If you are an owner or manager of an equipped office space you are able to list your work and meeting spaces for short-term bookings. Accepted spaces include Meeting Rooms, Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and Private Cabins.

11. What is the minimum duration for the listing ?
Minimum duration is 28 days.

12. What are the timings that can be offered for the listing ?
We allow all our hosts to decide their own timings, therefore any timing that you would like to keep your office open to users is completely your decision.

13. How do I get paid ?
We allow hosts to deal directly and independently with the users. This means that you will be responsible to determine the mode of payment and terms under which you will allow the user the use of your space

14. My company has extra desks/meeting rooms that we don't use. Can I list my venue ?

15. How will I know if a user is interested and wants to make a booking ?
The user will use the information you provide with your listing on ODOCO and contact you. You can communicate directly with them and set up a meeting.

16. How do I search for user requirements ?
Any user can visit our user requirements page https://www.odoco.co/UserRequirements#/ , allowing them to view the requirements location, budget, and quantity of space etc. However, if the host would like to contact any of the requirements they will need to purchase a subscription plan and list their space. Following which they will have access to the contact details for the requirements.

17. How does ODOCO promote safety ? (verification of users)
We take safety very seriously. When any host or user registers with us they must submit the following to complete their profile:

a. We provide basic contracts available for download as part of the premium package.
b. Mobile verification
c. Email verification
d. Social Media verification
e. Host/user verification and reviews.

Over and above this ODOCO maintains regular random checks on its hosts and users that sign up with the platform. This may include personal visits, phone calls, background checks and verifications.

ODOCO highly recommends that all its hosts and users do their own verifications before dealing with each other. It is important that everyone using the platform is aware that ODOCO simply helps people connect and is not responsible for any of it’s hosts or users actions whatsoever.

18. How do I cancel my membership/subscription? Can it be changed to inactive for a few months? Is there a cancellation fee?
You can go to your account page and change the status to inactive which means you won’t be paying the subscription fee and lose access to ODOCO’s services and network. Your profile will still be there but your listings will no longer we viewed to our users. If you are inactive for more than 10 months, the system will automatically delete your profile, reviews and ratings.

If you want to cancel/delete your account completely and lose on your previous listings, reviews and ratings, you can choose to delete your entire account as well. There is no cancellation fee.

19. Will I have to start all over once I cancel my account? Can I rejoin with the same account details ?
We’d love to have you back. Whenever you’re ready you can change your inactive status to active. However if it has been more than 10 months or if you have cancelled your account, you would have to rejoin. You can use the same account details, however, all your reviews and ratings from the previous account would be deleted.

20. What are the Host’s obligations ?
Hosts are never obligated to accept a request; however a timely response is appreciated.

21. How can I change/update my listing once it has been published ?
Once you have published your listing, you can check on it by going to https://www.odoco.co/AddSpace and clicking on the edit button under the listing you want to edit.

22. If I change my status to inactive (i.e. end the subscription) for how long can I still access ODOCO’s services and network ?
You can change your status to inactive any time during the 28 day cycle. However you can continue to get access till the last day of the 28 day cycle you have already paid for.

1. How much does it cost to list my Requirements/enquiry?
It’s for free. All you have to do is register and create an account.

2. How do I search for a workspace that meets my requirements?
You can find workspaces by either searching for specific spaces by using filters like location, space type, etc, or by just browsing through workspaces already listed on our “find your workspace” page https://www.demo.odoco.co/Search#/

3. How can we get assurance of the space we are interested in?
ODOCO follows the “what you see is what you get” policy. We visit all the properties/venues/spaces first hand.

4. When and how can I go to to view the space? Can I just drop in or should I schedule an appointment?
ODOCO provides you with the contact details of the host. You can contact them and communicate with them directly to set up a meeting.

5. How can I contact a host?
Once you register, we provide you with the contact details of the host like their email address and their phone number, which can be found on their listing page. You can contact them using either one of these.

6. Are host spaces fully furnished?
Yes You will find only fully furnished ready to use (Plug and play) offices on our website.

7. What happens if there is no venue/ space available for my requirements?
There are several workplace listings being added to our network everyday. You may have to wait for just sometime to find the right space that meets/fulfills your needs/requirements.

8. How do I lodge a complaint or give feedback for a space I have used?
You can leave a rating and leave a feedback in the review section of the listing/workspace page.

9. What support does ODOCO provide to us?
We provide you with a platform that allows you to list your requirements for a workspace on our portal and find short term workspaces easily.

10. Why do you suggest we view the space/location before booking it?
Knowing and viewing the space and the location is important just for your own satisfaction.

11. Do you collect the payment on behalf of the space owners?
No, we do not collect any fees from you. You can list your requirements and search for workspaces for free as long as you register. The payment for the space will be collected by the owners after the two of you agree upon the terms and conditions. We, at ODOCO, are just responsible for connecting the user with the hosts.

If you have a question that isn’t covered above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall happily answer all your queries!

Just before you get too far

To keep the experience awesome for our users, we have a set of standards which venues must meet:


Your venue's primary business must be the renting of desks, meeting rooms, and private offices.