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ODOCO coworking space


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Your coworking guide through Singapore

It is true that working at home can get quite boring, even the most successful entrepreneurs will agree that working in an environment that is filled with positive energy can drive you to work wonders. Coworking, that was once considered to be a short lived fad has grown to facilities that provide businesses and individuals with a shared working environment that are proving to be a lasting trend. Shared working spaces demonstrate one of the biggest changes in the work market today.

Singapore is a popular destination within the Asia Pacific market and has been experiencing prosperity with the coworking phenomenon for a while now. With evidently high real estate prices in a commercial market such as Singapore it could get difficult for entrepreneurs with limited budgets to set up offices. Coworking spaces have helped cover this space of inadequacy. Young business people an ambitions to make it big can now afford to hire workspaces to fit exactly their need and budget. Hiring a coworking space is the best way to be able to afford a workspace in an otherwise affluent area of the city where prices are tremendously heavy on your pocket.

Coworking spaces are great places to engage in work because of the vibrant atmosphere that surrounds you. They are designed to promote community interaction amongst members. Share office spaces also end up being a great place to build a network and get to know other professionals from similar fields.

Singapore has plenty of options to choose from some of which have been specially designed for the new millennial generation of entrepreneurs who prefer putting work and fun side by side. Coworking space managements are getting extremely creative, some even turning boring warehouses into new age coworking spaces. The unique variations of coworking spaces available for hire will keep you amazed and keen to try out. Whether you are the sort of professional who likes an engaging and social environment to work in, or you are the kind who enjoys the peace and quiet of working in solitude, Singapore has exactly what you are looking for!

21 Moonstone is a popular coworking space amongst the millennials that turns into a dive bar (on Fridays and Saturdays) by night. ClubCo is a great bet for those who do not have fixed working hours, this coworking space allows you the liberty to drop in and drop out whenever you want with their flexible packages. In case you do not end up spending your paid fee, you can redeem the paid value at the adjoining restaurant and bar Club Meatballs, meaning you get to enjoy great food and drink for free, technically. Collision8 is a new coworking space that offers its members sweeping views of Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Place. Core Collective is a coworking space for fitness, wellness and health professionals. Unlike the unsual desk and chairs, you will find a fully-equipped gym, yoga studios, consultation rooms, and even a boxing ring in this coworking space. Their Joining fee varies depending on the type of professional service you offer or you could just join as a member to use the facilities and attend classes.

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