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Working in a Co-working Cafe – The New Cool!

Have you ever imagined directing your regular work somewhere out of the usual monotonous office surrounding?

A coffee shop or a cafe attracts the professionals hovering around that area. They can come in and have a quite space to work and know that the internet is secure. The availability of coffee and food at work in harmony means workers can stay longer then they might at a co-working space because you don’t need to go up the street to get a cup of coffee.

We hate it when we just finished a task and another one crept into our list, with a close deadline, there is one thing we hate even more and that is monotony, one of the declared enemies of happiness at work.

Another way of putting it would be – Enjoy your problems and hectic schedule! At least you do not have the time to get bored. Moreover, it is true. As much as we dread the tension and anxiety of jogging so many unexpected projects, shifts of focus or activities, it’s better than feeling like we’ve entered a rut from which there seems no way to get out.

Co-working Cafe’s especially those with free Wi-Fi are often a mecca for self-employed and telecommunicating workers. Most weekdays you are likely to see several laptop-toting writers’ web designers, and neighbourhood coffee shop interspersed with students, stroller- wielding parents, and professionals seeking a change of scenery from their offices. Working in a cafe is such a cool concept, sip on your favourite flavoured coffee and go with the flow of your work.

Socialising with different categories of people having a different type of essence, you never know you might come up with a new idea after having a few minutes conversation with a teenager. Have you ever had a fantasy of hogging on food and doing your work at the same time? Well jokes apart but yes, these cafes offer you a wide menu of food and drinks to munch on while you are on a never ending trip of your work. Your favourite music playing in the background, the espresso machines humming, the coffee smell driving your senses crazy, who doesn’t want to work in such a soothing environment?

The flexible, drop in nature of the cafe space keeps your creative juices flowing. You’re getting this constant interesting vibe going on that you wouldn’t really get in a traditional co-working space because you’ve got to fill out an application and get accepted. None of that with any of the cafes. Now day’s people want to experience something new that they would enjoy and would want to experience again and that is what the concept of co-working cafes is bringing to them. A comfortable place, which keeps the people generally happy, healthy and productive. Wherever the person is in the country, the combination of open lounge areas and dedicated workspaces, plus a food and beverage menu, appears to offer the best of both the worlds for independent workers and telecommuters alike.

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