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What Amenities Included In Cowork Office In Pune?

With a population of over 64 lakh people, the city of Pune is considered to be now the third-fastest growing city in the Asia-Pacific region, after Bengaluru and Hyderabad, according to JLL’s City Momentum Index (CMI) 2017. Pune is known for its education and research institutions such as such as Symbiosis Institute of Management, Ferguson College and MIT (Maharashtra Institute of Technology), therefore, it comes as no surprise that the city is home to a number of startups and career opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, automobiles, as well as IT and management.

The Maharashtra state ministry has recently made a commitment to make Pune the number one startup hub in the country by 2020. Reportedly, The Pune Smart City Development Corporation (PSCDC) has set up a new subsidiary called Pune Idea Factory Foundation (PIFF), to cater to the startup needs of the city.

The startup culture has been gaining momentum and along with it so has the coworking culture in Pune. The share office space culture has expanded to an extent where you can now find coworking spaces in Pune every corner of the city!

Coworking spaces have played a key role in helping entrepreneurs set up their startups in Pune by providing them with a number of facilities at a single place. Shared office spaces have helped professionals network and make connections that can be rather difficult to do in the first few years of your business if you work out of your home. These spaces organize events and get-togethers that often turn out to cultivate strong business bonds.

Shared office spaces that are located in the centre of the city are well connected through roads and public transport. Most of them have great amenities and infrastructure to accommodate specialized business activities as well. The aesthetics of these coworking offices are designed to motivate and help keep their members positive. Spacious and well lit rooms are amongst the many things that keep professionals motivated to work. Most commercial areas are also surrounded by a wide range of eateries, theatres and pubs that do come in useful during work breaks to help you rejuvenate.

Collaborative zones are equipped with high speed WiFi, meeting lounges, fixed desk spaces, and premium cabins. This turns out to be just as convenient as hiring your own private office space but instead of a heavy investment you have to just pay a rental fee.

Almost all coworking spaces have cafeterias where you can have a nice cup of coffee during the break time. Apart from this shared working spaces have helping staff that provide you with tea and coffee during meetings or whenever required, all you have to do is ask!

If you feel like working in a room full of people doing the same might be a little distracting, you could opt for a cubicle that will provide you with the seclusion and privacy you need.

Many coworking spaces also have services like video games, television sets and board games that help the members unwind after a hours of tedious work. These recreational zones too could be a great way for one to make connections and network!

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