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The startup economy has been such a big hit in India, the number of entrepreneurs are only increasing. With so many startups being launched, their growth has also been on a rise. A startup might begin with just two friends working on a business idea but as the growth increases and the business expands, your team multiplies too.

It might get difficult for your team to work out of your dining table at home. Working out of a café might seem like an option but the casualness and informal environment, with ten other people around might make it difficult to focus. Hence, your next best option is a coworking space!

A coworking space provides with a lot of better facilities than a local coffee shop or your home. Even the basic amenities of WIFI and security is better at a coworking space than at a café. A shared office space is more professional, less noisy, well-furnished and well equipped with everything that your startup requires. You can also get to choose the kind of office space you need. You get options such as a private meeting room, a dedicated desk, a hot desk, etc. to choose from. The infrastructure at a coworking space is very creative and lively.

A shared office space in India is also more economical for a startup. It is better to invest in a coworking space for yourself rather than renting out an entire office space. The cost of a coworking space is very cheap and it is extremely affordable for a business that is just growing. You also get various options to choose from which suit your monetary budgets. You also get to actually tell your business partners that you have an office without actually owning one! It will make you look more proficient.

One very big advantage of you exploring a coworking space is the networking opportunities you get here. In a shared office space, you never know who you might bump into. There are people from various backgrounds, from various fields and skill sets in a shared office space. This benefit isn’t available at a café and certainly not at home. Networking for a startup is a very crucial aspect. You can grow your business and how!

Coworking spaces have also started hiring managers in their office spaces who can help their in-house members with any difficulty they are facing. If you have a business hurdle which you are unable to jump across, coworking spaces have specialized and knowledgeable managers now who can solve your problems. Shared office spaces in India have also started hosting seminars and interactive events for their members to help them build a skill set and improve their knowledge for better efficiency at their jobs.

For a startup, a coworking space is the perfect balance of formal yet casual. A shared office space opens up a lot of opportunities for a startup. It is definitely an option one should explore and try out if you have a startup of your own.

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