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Travellers and co-working

Have you ever had a fantasy of waking up to an awesome view every day and going to work?

There are some people who want to get away from work while they’re on a vacation, but the usual meeting and usual work won’t leave their back like a pet. There’s nothing to worry when you have a travel co-working space.

There a number of people who work in a co-working space and you never know you might find yourself a buddy to give you a company on your journey.

There are co-working spaces which provide you a perfect place to work and enjoy at the same time. These places give you free outdoor gear (bikes, surfboards), plus house managers who help arrange activities like skiing and surf instructions if you are new for the waves. Such places facilitate female entrepreneurship and creates environment which are relaxing for both men and women.

There are people who are frequent business travellers also require a place to carry out their usual office work. Agree or not but to carry out intense work you require a proper workspace and surrounding. There a bunch of different collaborative workspaces, some of these flexible office spaces have open layout designs, natural lights and views of the city. Some also have access to green spaces where people can congregate, collaborate and connect with the local community.

Many of these spaces require paid memberships, which allow you to reserve the place and access it on a monthly basis. For travellers, this isn’t ideal unless you are visiting the same city on a regular basis. Other co-working space allow you to reserve and check in by the hour – a model which is more conducive to business travel.

If you’re a business traveller, you understand that working out of hotels, the car, the coffee shops may be a challenge. More and more millennials are taking “working vacations,” which might sound like a contradiction, but a recent study shows that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed admit to checking in with office while in a holiday.

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