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ODOCO coworking space


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Tips to choose the space

With the number of coworking spaces in India opening up, the options at your disposal are too many. When your plate is full of too many good things, choosing the best one might get tricky. The only way to get the right fit for yourself is to choose what best fits your needs and requirements. Here are 5 tips you can take while making your decision of choosing the best coworking space for yourself!


The most obvious tip for choosing the right coworking office space is checking the location it is situated at. The neighbourhood of the coworking space should be safe and accessible. The commute to your coworking office should be an easy task for you, so that you don’t exert all your energy in a train ride. Also, another thing you should take note of is which other coworking spaces you would have access to through your membership- whether you would have access to the other branches of your coworking space India across your city, across the country or even across the globe.


Another very important factor which obviously plays a big role in choosing your coworking space is the cost you would be paying. You should always check what rates best suit your needs and also which choice fills all your wants without burning a hole in your pocket. To make the best choice, it is always better if you look up a few options and then narrow it down. You can also check if there are any trial periods available at acoworking space. You can then try the office space out and understand better whether it could be your workstation or not.

Community engagement activities

One of the benefits of working from a coworking office space is the network you build. If your coworking space doesn’t take initiatives to help its members build a good network and work in the same space as a community, you should definitely not go for it. It is crucial that your coworking space has activities planned for its members that encourages communication and relationship building.

The kind of people in the space

You cannot expect to grow in a space where your surroundings aren’t capable of helping you do the same. It is always advisable to go for a coworking space that has a few well established members working in the same space. You get a lot of learning opportunities and it is a great way to build your network. Recently coworking spaces have started to cater to specific audiences too. So if you’re a freelance photographer, you can look for a coworking space that is only open to photographers. This not only helps in meeting the right kind of people but also the coworking space will have all the facilities a photographer will ever need!


This is yet another obvious factor to weigh in while choosing the right coworking space. You must always check the facilities a coworking office space is providing you with. It is also essential to know the quality of the amenities provided. You should always get good access to the basic amenities like coffee, internet and security. Amenities can also involve the different kind of desks you can choose to work out from.

We hope these tips help you choose a good coworking office space!

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