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A shared office space essentially means a company with redundant office space that can be rented out to another business looking for a workspace with the same requirements. There are over 500 coworking and shared offices in India. Coworking spaces in Bangalore are about 32% of the total in India. Mumbai being no less than a corporate hub, the number of coworking spaces in this city are increasing too. A shared office space in metropolitans like Bangalore and Mumbai has a lot of benefits and advantages. Let’s look at the top five advantages of a shared office space!

Learning breaks

Coworking and shared office spaces look forward to community building. As a part of their initiative to get their members talking, they host workshops and events to increase engagement. A huge bonus of these workshops and activities are the learning opportunities the members have. Being a part of a coworking space helps you acquire skills you probably didn’t have before. You also might learn something that you have been struggling with or learn something new that might help you get better at your job. The educational opportunities are too many at a shared office space.


A shared office space is very flexible in nature. It is flexible in many aspects. You can extend your lease anytime you want. One can also get more space as and when their business grows. There is no restriction or a set policy that doesn’t allow you to make changes to your contract. A shared office space also doesn’t require you to get into a long lease. If you think you want to rent the space for just 3 months, you can! It is also flexible in terms of cost with plans that suit your needs best.

Economic benefits

With real estate burning a hole in everyone’s pockets in India, a shared office space is the perfect way to have an office space without actually owning one. A shared office space in India is more affordable than renting out an entire office or even setting your own one. The amenities and security don’t have to be paid for additionally. Everything that is required for your business and your team is looked after. A shared office space is also well furnished and for your use. You basically have nothing to worry about and you aren’t even paying a bomb to avail all the services provided to you.


The most obvious of them all, networking is yet the biggest benefit of working from a coworking/ shared office space. There isn’t any other way to be able to meet so many people and build your circle as the opportunities a shared office space provides you with. Coworking spaces have also started to host networking events to build a community with their space. A shared office space having various locations lets you network with all their members as well! Networking can be a big boost to your business and can essentially help you grow it.

Work Life Balance

This is probably the most important benefit of a shared office space. A coworking space has a lot to offer than what a traditional office space does. It has sections in the office like a play area, a library, an open space, etc. that can help you wind down and just relax. The aim is to be able to have spaces in your office itself that can calm you down. You can take your breaks which will actually help you increase your productivity levels at your job. A coworking space or a shared office space also lets you choose your own work timings. There are shared office spaces in Mumbai that are open 24x7 which lets people work at whatever time of the day they wish to. All of this helps increase a person’s productivity and also helps them maintain a good work life balance!

All of these are just a few of the benefit of a shared office space. The industry of coworking spaces is increasing year after year because people are realising the advantages of a shared office space over a traditional one!

ODOCO’s mission is to connect people that have extra workspace to the ones that need it. Not a lot of people have the space they need to help them realize their dreams and the people that do, tend to have more than they actually need. Office sharing will have a massive impact in India and the rest of the world and ODOCO is going help this type of shared economy realize its potential.

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