ODOCO coworking space

ODOCO coworking space


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It’s nice to have a little activity and energy in the room.”

Many restaurant and café owners might think that “maybe we’d have to kick everyone out at dinnertime”. “But it’s actually not the case. It’s great for the restaurant, too, because when you open at 5 p.m., you’re not packed, typically. It’s nice to have a little activity and energy in the room. When somebody walks by on the street and they say, ‘oh, this restaurant’s open but nobody’s in there,’ that’s not a good thing.

There’s plenty of space. You just have to figure out how to activate the vacancy windows that exist in spaces and buildings throughout the city and figure out how to connect those spaces with the people who can use them right now. The most sustainable urban development is making better use of what we have, as opposed to building anything new. It’s about not having to build more capacity, but realizing that the capacity is already there. You just need to reprogram the space to accommodate the way that people want to use it in the 21st century. If you can do that, you can get a lot more out of what you already have.

At restaurants, it’s typical for air conditioning and other resources to run all day because the prep kitchen is open. All this energy is being wasted if you don’t invite people in to activate these spaces. Not only is it an aesthetically beautiful environment that’s going to inefficient use, but the energy that it takes to keep it open, and the amount of resources that it took designing the interior and building it out. If it’s only open between 6 p.m. and midnight, that represents a huge waste. I think that we can make something out of that.

Motivation and food at one place – the best combination together. It’s always better to have people working around you to see them as an example and get motivated. Also, the best variety of food at the same desk where you are working. And who doesn’t like to be part of some conversations which might be of your interest happening just right next to you. The space where you are sitting have all the selection of buzz which you would never expect to be in a traditional office space.

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