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High End Restaurants and cafés – The New Coworking Trend?

Having your work done on the go? What if freelancers and entrepreneurs worked out of existing space that sits unused during the day? Several entrepreneurs are testing that concept by turning restaurants or coffee shops into coworking spaces. Cafés offer a relaxing vibe and many of us who are a novelist, software developers, marketing consultants, non-profit professionals should have a place that’s relaxed and comfortable and has a very good atmosphere for creative type work. There’s a certain feeling that you get in a place like this you can’t get in an office-type building.

A work-friendly music playlist to help mask the sound of the people around you, phone calls or conversations. For those that need more privacy than the restaurant dining room, some cafes also offer a private dining room that members can rent as conference rooms by the hour. It also gives members access to happy hour deals at its restaurants so they can transition seamlessly into drinks or dinner.

One perk you won’t find at these hospitality/coworking hybrids: dedicated desks and storage. Some traditional coworking spaces let members rent an assigned desk where they can set up monitors and perhaps pin up a few personal photos. For the non- dedicated desk set, some spaces have lockers for storing personal items when they’re not in use. Many laptop-toting nomadic workers don’t need dedicated space or storage anyway.

Because the spaces would otherwise be empty, it’s possible to offer memberships at less than half the cost of some other coworking offices, despite the high-end settings. A monthly membership is Rs. 6000-10,000 per month. As the network expands, they may also be more conveniently located, since there are cafes in every neighbourhood.

High end restaurants or are mostly inactive during a particular time period of the day. The new way of generating profit can be to allow people to take a seat and do their work while taking a break on the snacks that the restaurant might decide to serve and also charge a minimum cover charge or a daily charge in return of giving them the space to cover up on their work or a person who would like to read a novel. You never know a successful entrepreneur might just rise up working from your high-end restaurant or café.

An advanced thought for a café or a restaurant which could help them generate some extra money as well as satisfy the customer requirements.

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