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Coworking has been on a rise throughout the world. In Europe, London has the most active coworking industry according to a research report by Cushman and Wakefield. It accounts for 4.6 percent of the overall office market. London and New York account for 22 percent of all global coworking stock according to the same research report. Coworking spaces in London provide with a range of facilities and benefits that not every other coworking space provides with. Let’s look at some facilities that are provided by coworking spaces in London that makes them different from ordinary coworking spaces!

1. Female centric:

London has opened up female centric coworking spaces and these shared offices have been a great success. The city’s first female only coworking space was Blooms Business Centre. It received a booming response and while the space isn’t shut for men, it is dominated by females only. It follows the “Women first, not women only” principle. These kind of coworking spaces has made business smoother and easier for women in London. The community build is strong and empowering where everyone supports each other.

2. Childcare facilities:

Coworking spaces have started providing with pragmatic facilities to their members like childcare services. Entrepreneurs with children don’t have to compromise on their quality of work anymore. The stress of taking care of their child is taken care of by the shared office space. Also, this has increasingly reduced the gap with benefits availed from traditional office spaces and coworking spaces. London has a market for coworking spaces like these and it sure is attracting a newer, larger set of customers. The benefit of facilities like these is that it encourages people to believe that they can have a balance in their work life and their family life as well.

3. Coworking plus co-living:

For all the nomads in the world, London has many coworking cum co-living options. The motto for such business centres is that it enables people to work out of anywhere anytime. Shared office spaces have shared living spaces as well and the deals are very pocket friendly. Especially for someone who is on the go most of the time, it is a great way to save up cash yet get the best service.

4. Industry specific:

London has very industry specific coworking spaces as well. These shared office spaces help in the formation of a community that is focused and knows it all about their trade. It ensures that the people in the community are well supported. London has coworking spaces specializing in industries ranging from tech to social services. There are coworking spaces designed only for entrepreneurs and businesses as well. The benefit of being a part of such industry specific business centres is that whenever you require any sort of help, you can always find a specialist to help you out. You get to interact with people with experience in your field and that can help you find yourself a mentor as well.

These are a few reasons that has helped London grow so quick in the coworking industry. This helps them expand their markets and customer bases even more!

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