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There are about 14,411 co-working spaces in the world according to a research done in March 2018. The number of co-working members will rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022 according to the same research. We know that these numbers would have most definitely increased by now. How can I be so sure? Because the future of co-working spaces looks really really bright. The co-working industry as a whole has seen growth in the past few years and is looking for more in the future. Business centers have entered markets and expanded their spaces to places not thought of before. Co-working is being accepted and acknowledged by more and more people now. Here are a few reasons why the future of co-working looks like a flourishing one:

1. Interior Space Designs: The aesthetics of a co-working space makes it extremely attractive for people to work out from. People these days choose cafes and restaurants to go to based on the interiors and ambiance it provides. Having options to choose from for your working space also has the same prerequisites. Why would someone want to work out of a cubicle, with dull shades around when you have quirky and fun options available?

2. Special services: Different co-working spaces offer different services. The future of co-working can bring in a wide array of services to be provided to the members. Co-working spaces can also specialize in providing certain services which can be used as a USP to stand out in the market. Some of the recent services being provided are personal accounting managers for startups, special lifestyle benefits, pet friendly spaces, childcare services, etc.. These services also help the members realize that there isn't anything that a traditional office space can provide that a co-working space can't.

3. Niche industry: A trend started recently, co-working spaces have started catering to industry specific audiences. The response for the same has been great and hence this will increase the success of the co-working space market as a whole. There are co-working spaces that have opened up only for specific kind of members, for example, photographers, writers, freelancers, etc.. This helps in the space providing them with all the services their members might need. It also helps people in the same field to help each other grow.

4. Corporate co-working: Corporates have begun to realize that employees tend to be more productive when left in a creative space. Traditional office spaces tend to confine certain people and make them feel less creative and productive. Hence, there are certain corporates that have certain departments that work out of co-working spaces. The more corporates begin to understand this, in the future there would be more corporates willing to let their employees work out of a space they feel the most productive in.

Co-working has expanded to various countries. Business centers have begun to realize that the want of co-working spaces exists everywhere and they need to provide people with their services. The opportunity is big and waiting and the industry is only at the beginning of its growth stage.

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