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Coworking your way through the city of Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as the city of dreams, thousands of people flock to this city every year with an aim to make it big in life. Mumbai has long been regarded as the financial hub of the country. Long before the launch of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ venture, the city was already experiencing a boom in startups, with many innovative entrepreneurs preparing to take their first baby steps into the marketplace here.

Mumbai is India's largest city (by population) and is considered the financial and commercial capital of the country. Mumbai is the third most expensive office market in the world, and was ranked among the fastest cities in the country for business startup in 2009. Since land and real estate are expensive in Mumbai, the younger generation startups have adopted coworking spaces. In addition to this the ‘Make in India’ campaign has given a nudge and fresh energy to this culture of startups indirectly leading to a growth in shared office spaces

Coworking spaces are here to redefine the phenomenon of traditional way of working in the country by helping you connect and network with the right kind of people that could help you grow your business. Mumbai is an extremely vibrant city where you will come across some of the most interesting people who bring along their unique pool of talent. If you have a business that is far from the usual, there is no better place than Mumbai to dive straight into it. You will very easily be able to find your kind of people in this vast city, making networking a cake walk.

Coworking spaces in Mumbai aim to transform regular office spaces into extraordinary ones where your creativity gets wings to fly high and you gain swift momentum to hit the bull’s eye with the help of a wide range affordable co-working spaces available. You will be able to find shared office spaces in every corner of this busy city where different startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers grow-up together in a sustainable and well-equipped environment of coworking space. A reliable and cheap public transport system makes it easy to travel around; for the brave hearted, there is no better way to explore the city than through its local train network which also turns out to be the best solution to maneuver through the city’s bustling traffic. Although that kind of travel is not suited for everyone, those who prefer their personal space, auto rickshaws and taxis are abundant and cheap.

For a budding entrepreneur, Mumbai is a tremendously varied treasure trove of resources. Being the capital city of the state of Maharashtra, access to government departments as well as legal assistance is much easier to obtain.

Apart from the global market place that is evolving, Mumbai’s local worker community can be quite an experience in itself. A young and cosmopolitan Mumbaikar population will help you round up your quintessential Mumbai experience, it is not surprising for your business partners to be able to introduce you to a Bollywood star or two by day and give you an extensive tour of some of the most iconic, spots, eateries and clubs by night.

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