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Coworking for Women

Most of us who are now familiar with coworking spaces can envision the benefits that these spaces offer. Coworking spaces not only provide you with flexible working hours and like-minded company they also assist you to improve your productivity and creativity levels. Working from home certainly has its perks but it is not a surprise then that people who work in a shared office normally feel more satisfied and happier than those who work in a traditional office setup or at home. Despite the benefits, many female entrepreneurs weren't sold on their shared environments, perhaps because so many of the spaces are dominated by men. This has brought about the inception of women-only coworking spaces. This trend-within-a-trend has picked up major popularity amongst female entrepreneurs and freelancers in the west.

In this #MeToo era where more and more women are voicing their experiences with sexual harassment at their workplace, and conversations around workplace harassment have taken centre stage, these hubs offer a secure and protective work environment options for women and those who identify as non-binary.

Although this seems to be a an emerging trend throughout the world now, the pertinent question arising is that, is there a reason to essentially have women-only coworking offices, or to put in other words, what purpose does a women centric coworking space cater to that a regular coworking pace cannot?

As much as we would like to paint a pretty picture of the world, the truth is that men and women don’t stand on equal ground in the professional world even in today’s day and age. This is not just reserved to smaller cities, metropolitans too face this issue. People are not as open as they seem when it comes to women handling entrepreneurial responsibilities and making a mark in their own way. This message comes out loud and clear when women are denied equal opportunity, pay and even belittled when being vocal about these issues. A women-only coworking space will drive women to follow their dreams and build their own independent professional identities, knowing that they will not be stopped by male bias. Such a scenario inspires and empowers women which would not necessarily be the case when one is in a male-dominated coworking space.

Women are often ignored or rejected in male-dominated environments and cannot avail the same entrepreneurial resources that are presented openly to men. They have to strive hard to prove their worth at every stage of their progress. Unfortunately if a woman does turn out to do better than expected our society begins to question the other spheres of her life which men are usually not expected to answer.

Setting up a business is a challenging enough task and women are subjected to more hurdles along their entrepreneurial paths. Shocking gaps are prevalent on various fronts, including mentorship, funding accessibility, and even networking. Networking is key! It is extremely essential to have professionals who can be of help as you pave your way to success. One of the major benefits of a women-only coworking is that such a place can be an organic way to meet and network with other female entrepreneurs who can provide support and career advice to those who are in need of the same. Being able to connect with like-minded women doing the similar things and facing similar problems can prove to be a tremendous support system. This can cover up for the lack of mentorship many women face!

Women centric coworking spaces can make entrepreneurs feel at home even outside their home. These shared office spaces can provide for a safe place for women to go about and perform their business procedures without feeling vulnerable. Various studies indicate that women can feel socially isolated in male-centric workspaces. Creativity and productivity stem from a stress-free mind. An environment where women are at ease and feel safe is bound make an impact on their productivity and motivation. This will enable them collaborate, share ideas, and seek advice from fellow co-workers.

A large number of women entrepreneurs have family responsibilities as well and have two juggle their two worlds tactfully as both are equally important. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an employee, finding that work-life balance is easier said than done. In a women-only coworking space you are likely to come across other women who are in similar situations. This helps in building a strong affinity and comfortable relationships, knowing that there are ambitious women out there navigating the similar waters!

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