ODOCO coworking space

ODOCO coworking space


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Could your empty desks be reimagined as a co-working space?

What do you do when you have an extra house which can’t be utilized by you at the same time while living in your other house. You come up with ideas of renting it out or giving it on a paying guest system so fetch some extra income.

Similarly, what do you do when you have an extra workspace in your office where there you see only a couple of peoples face daily. How boring? How about inviting a new co-worker over to utilise the space, you can take a basic charge and provide basic facilities that’s all. Moreover, to you those empty spaces may represent a less than optimal lease or, more optimistically, room to grow. But some business owners look at unused office real estate and see something very different – a potential co-working space.

This small but growing group of entrepreneurs is converting their excess office space into co-working spaces and becoming dual owners of both their original business and a shared workspace, earning cash, building community, and feeding their creativity in the process.

Sharing is caring, but over here sharing can help you generate some extra cash without really doing anything. It’s like you are the library and you have a collection of books which can be given to people for a certain period of time and for a nominal amount. You just need to have basic facilities like –
• Wi-Fi connection
• Working table and chair
• Well-lit atmosphere
• Tea/ Coffee Maker
• Friendly Atmosphere
• Clean Washroom

I am sure everyone who wishes to rent their office space or an entire office might be equipped with such basic amenities. For other entrepreneurs, opening a co-working space is less about making money and friends, and more about nurturing the local entrepreneurial community. 

"I'm fortunate now to be able to be do what I love, surrounded by people who inspire me daily," wouldn’t you want to say this to yourself? Surround yourself with the people who follow the same values, setup systems to empower members to take the lead, and restructure your businesses to make sure they're both well supported.

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