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Community and You - Tips and Techniques

The best coworking spaces have little to do with desk and Wi-Fi. They are home to thriving communities of mutually supportive freelancers, remote workers, digital nomads, teams and independent professionals.

Socializing with people working around can help in many different ways. Prioritizing community building and engaging with members about what they want and offer as part of a community is essential. People put events and resources in place that facilitate and support authentic connection between members.

Support is the main element required in keeping together anything. People should build trust between themselves and other around them to develop contact with each other. Some coworking spaces have accountability groups which facilitates regular meetings with each other and working on the same project. These groups also empower people to work proactively on projects and ideas they may otherwise put on the backburner. Such activities in a coworking places generates “cotivation “between members.

Working in a coworking space doesn’t mean that you are aloof. There is communication which happens with people around you and people become close to each other in some or the other ways. A different surrounding and a much more fun-loving environment is coworking. People want to interact with new people and built a new community around them which can motivate them. Such communities always help a person prosper as it encourages and helps connecting with others having the same taste.

Networking exists because professionals wants to connect with each other. Networking events shakes things up. A speed networking event, breakfast networking, offsite networking and other fresh ideas helps an individual meliorate and to become a part of this change people try to get into such communities.

If you want people to connect with you, you should give them ways to connect. Your practice and actions matters a lot around people. Show people how creatively you work and the explosions of ideas that hit your mind which could help others too. All this can be done by becoming part of the social group in the coworking space that you work at. The community that plays together, stays together. Make sure that your community building efforts include fun social events. Understand the ways in which you and other people work in. Talk to people and try to understand their moves and also tell them if you have something unique for them. Build trust.

Building a community works like a barter system. You share your skills and tools with people and in return you get the same. Skill-share can cover anything from app development and photography tips to social media handling techniques, productivity, IP issues, tax advices, etc.

Being a new member in a coworking space can be a bit overwhelming. You’re suddenly surrounded by all kinds of people doing all kinds of work and aren’t sure how you will fit in between all of them. The Ice breaker technique can be to be confident and start mingling with almost everyone around you. Get involved in all the discussions which you think will benefit you in the future. It may or may not be of your interest, but everything happening around you might have a deep meaning to it.

Coworking spaces is the best place for a person to enjoy as well as develop at the same place. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.

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