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ODOCO coworking space


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Co-working and Co-living.

With time, the definition of how we work and live has changed significantly. Facilitated by advances in technology and options available to build a variety of online businesses, many digital nomads are blending work and life, choosing to explore the world, while continuing to work.

A small but growing trend has emerged of co-living/co-working spaces. The co- working and co-living ideologies are being adopted by almost all entrepreneurs or adventurers whose career allows for remote working and has a passion for travel, new experiences and making new friends. With this concept, you can work and live anywhere around the world.

So, what exactly is a co-living/co-working space?

Essentially, they are large homes that accommodate a certain number of digital entrepreneurs (usually 10-20), providing each entrepreneur with a private bedroom and bathroom, while sharing other common areas, and with a particular focus on space to get work done. Many co-living/co-working spaces also include cultural events, outings and dinners with the house guests. Moreover, this concept allows you to enjoy the new city as well as allows you to have a private time with you work.

Nowadays people take their work on vacation rather than taking families. Jokes apart but this is a real situation which happens and people are not able to give much time to their families. Co-working and co-living concept allows an individual to enjoy their ‘worksation’ peacefully and comfortably.

These co-living places takes care of your privacy and comfort. Rooms are occupied with its own private bathroom, queen/king sized bed according to your preference and cleaning services just like you would get at your home. Everything is in place just to give you a proper homely feeling.

Such places which provides such concept of co-working and co-living attract a similar community as where you will want to belong and work. Such places over a large area with meeting rooms and proper seating to support a large diverse community for both members and neighbours.

Get work done with internet access from anywhere. The concept speaks for itself – “where we live and where we work are colliding in unpredictable and intriguing ways. Adventure doesn’t have to wait until you quit your job or you retire.”

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