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Coworking in Apartments

I think it is very evident, the rise in the number of co-working spaces around you. You must've seen co-working spaces in coffee shops, in restaurants, in malls, etc. But there is a new fad coming up and that is of having co-working spaces in residential areas. More so, converting apartments into shared office spaces.

It is not a new phenomenon, the comfort of working from home. As comfortable it sounds, sometimes the same comfort can be a downfall. It's thin line one crosses, from comfort to laziness. To enhance productivity, people have started converting their homes into shared office spaces that rent out desk spaces.

Working from home sounds very relaxed but often it might get lonely. Transforming your home into a co-working space is a great idea to build a close knit community that gets along really well. Not only are homes transforming into co-working spaces but there are residential societies that are building co-working spaces for the neighborhood. Co-working has found its way to luxury apartment buildings is New York already.

There are luxury buildings that offer a co-working space with dedicated desks as a part of their amenities to their customers. These spaces are a perfect way for people who don't like working from home and neither do they like to travel long distances to reach their office spaces. With the success of this concept in New York, it has spread across to other cities as well.

If you look at it, it is a great way to have a different surrounding and a work environment at home itself. All one needs to do is change the design of their house and add decor that would appeal to more people. It also is a brilliant way to network and form tight communities of like-minded people.

We live are an extension of We Work which has started a co-living concept. The co-working giant has opened up co-living spaces in their co-working office buildings and turned them into residential spots as well. It is a community which gives its members access to being able to share their residential space and as well as their working spaces.

Office was an initiative started by a Swedish psychologist Christofer Gradin Franzén where he started calling freelancers to work out of his house without a monetary request. The concept was such a hit, that it later spread to various cities. People liked working out of homes turned into co-working spaces; it made them feel more at home and had a comforting vibe to it.

Kitchin Table is another such initiative. It is an app that lets you connect to people who would like to work from home, home being a slightly professional environment. What is unique about this app is that it is a women only platform where self-employed women wanting to feel comfortable and not get lonely for work get together.

As you can see, co-working as a trend is emerging from corners unknown to people and the scope for growth is as wide as it can get.

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