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Working Entire Day Can Be Tiring – Whether it's a Coworking Or Any Other Traditional Workspace

Regardless of where you work, it’s a good idea to take regular breaks to stretch, get the blood flowing, and rest your eyes. In coworking spaces, everyone has a different routine and work rhythm, so there aren’t obvious breaks in the action and it’s easy to spend too many hours in front of your screen. Anything that offers regular breaks helps create a routine of well-being. Time management is a huge deal while taking such long stretches at work. A short walk or any other activity can make you feel good and get you going for the rest of your work.

If you’re working in a coworking space or shared office, chances are good that you’re working for yourself or are part of a small team or start-up. Multitasking used to be celebrated and considered a desirable quality, but research now shows that only 2 percent of the population is actually proficient at multitasking and that shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time. Minimize the amount of multitasking you do by turning off email and social media notifications and giving your full attention to the task at hand. In a coworking space, there are a lot of opportunities to socialize, network, attend events, host events, get a meal or drinks, etc. Take advantage of all these great opportunities, but protect your work time, as well.

If you don’t feel a sense of community and mutual support, you may be in the wrong coworking space. Make the effort to become part of the community by attending events, introducing yourself, reaching out for help when you need and helping others when you can. This community-building goes a long way toward creating a space you and your business can thrive in. It’s also a form of organic networking that is far more effective and enjoyable than many planned networking events.

The best option which I feel is helpful is listening to good music on your stereo headphones as it tends to relax your mood and calm the inner you. You can do a lot better under the influence of good music. The point of good music is to affect the soul and is the best getaway if you want to have a time with yourself instead of the noisy background yapping of the people. Also wearing headphones in a coworking space is the universal “do not disturb” signal.

There might be times where you will need different arrangement for the type of work you will be carrying out. Sometimes you’ll want to be in the bustling community space, sometimes you’ll need a quiet space to make a call, sometimes you’ll need a private cabin for a collaborative project or maybe a meeting room. The best thing about coworking is that you can explore working by sitting in any corner. All spaces offer a different experience of working. An artist might need a space which is has a nice architecture around them or some fabulous view from their workspace, an accountant would require a place which is quiet and sophisticated. Everyone gets gelled in a different environment and place and that’s why you should try out every space as you will fell a lot of changes in your working patterns.

There might be a point where you might feel completely drained out by looking at the same bright computed screen which is straining your eyes and you can no more stand looking at that screen. Why not go outside the cubicle and take a walk outside, let your eyes get normal by having a glance at the delighted natural lights of the outdoors. Fulfil your energy by taking in fresh air at a short walk outside of the workspace.

An entrepreneur working on his own without a team have to be more dedicated and motivated. They have to be much more focused as the entire burden is on a single person unlike working with a team where work is divided equally and conducted efficiently. You have to be really careful and aware of the time you spend working and getting yourself some recreation time. Coworking spaces provide a great way to set boundaries between your work time and your off time. Work hard when you’re in your space, then put your work away and enjoy your life.

Workplace well-being is essential to doing your best work and living your best life. Once you find a coworking space or shared office that works for you, the next step is to make sure that you’re take care of yourself as well as your work.

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