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Basic Amenities Which Should Be There in A Coworking Space.

When planning to opt for a membership of a shared workspace, an individual will always be attracted by the amenities which the workspace provides. Amenities are the basic requirement which should be the foremost base of running a coworking and getting more people to join the workspace.

One of the main reasons why people look for a coworking space is the availability of flexibility. Some people require quite places to conduct their work while other want to hang on the community tables and work. Coworking spaces therefore provide workspace options for the people like shared desks, dedicated desks, private cabins, etc. Seating options also are provided for the comfort of an individual, an adjustable and ergonomically sound chair is all that a person would need.

Coworking spaces always assure people a quiet and healthy environment and therefore the phone booth area is provided. They tend to serve two purposes, they give members a place to make private calls and save members working in the open space from having to listen to one sided calls being broadcast into the space.

Meeting rooms are a must have amenities for members who would want to conduct private meetings with their teams or other business professionals. Presentation events, client meetings, group brainstorms, interviews and other work are best served in the meeting space area.

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is the top most requirement that any individual would want in a space where they would be working. People may put up with imperfect chairs, they may tolerate mediocre coffee and they may even adjust with the blabber of the person talking on the phone next to them by putting on a headphone but bad Wi-Fi is a deal breaker. Coworking spaces invest in quality IT to ensure that their members have a fast and a top- notch speed Wi-Fi access to conduct their work efficiently. Nothing will irritate a member more than a bad internet connection.

A community manager is a heart of the coworking space which you might be planning to work in. They take all the care of the functioning and operations of the coworking space. Greet people, coming into the space, giving tours to potential members, and plan events for the members. They work s mediators and do the work of introducing new members to the community and the space, connect people and help in getting feedback from the members regarding the overall experience of working into that particular coworking space. Other amenities which are very basic and which should be available at your service are high quality printer/scanner/copier. A systematic installation and a hassle-free machine will always result in smooth functioning. Kitchen or canteen for the members to get something to munch on the go and get other refreshments. Members can access such areas to have lunch and have a free time. Mail services and white boards are an add on to the basic amenities list which you might come across at a coworking where you would plan to work.

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Your venue's primary business must be the renting of desks, meeting rooms, and private offices.