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9 benefits of working in a shared office space in Gurgaon

A shared office space is your go to solution if you want to save up some money and not spend it on office rent in Gurgaon. Gurgaon has recently become a coworking hub with several huge industry giants opening their office locations in the city. With the increase in the number of shared office spaces opening up, let’s look at a few benefits you can get from working out of on in Gurgaon!


A shared office space enables you to feel a sense of community as you will be working out of a space with various people. You work on your own individual tasks but you still have people around you that help stir conversations. Working out of isolation can get boring and being a part of a shared office space can get in some variety as well. As people from different backgrounds work at a shared office space, it encourages learning and growth.


The costs of renting an office space in Gurgaon is quite heavy on the pockets and buying a space might shoot up your investment costs. A shared office space covers for a lot of expenses, biggest one being office rent. A shared office space is highly economical. It is a better investment than getting an entire office for yourself. A shared office space also includes other facilities like Wi-Fi, printers, couriering, etc. that aren’t additionally charged for. Even little expenses like these help get looked after and you end up saving a lot of cash.


If you are a freelancer, working out of your home or a café might seem fancy but it might get monotonous after a while. When you are in a shared office space, your engagement with people increases. It ensures that you don’t work in isolation. This helps you receive feedback for your work. Someone with better experience might be able to help you do better at your projects. Also, you can get different perspectives from different people and actually come across a better way to go about a particular situation. Shared office spaces also have well trained and qualified managers these days and you can also get their advice as and when required.

4.Flexible lease:

A shared office space doesn’t tie you up in lease contracts for years. You can choose for how long you would like to work out of a shared working space. There are various flexible options available that also let you choose your desk types. In case you decide to grow your team, a shared office space will have economical options to help you out. There are various offers run by coworking spaces as well that will help save up some extra cash for your business.


A mentor is extremely essential to the growth of a business and an individual. Working at a shared office space, there are various people who you get a chance to interact with. These people come from different fields and background and also with a lot of different experiences. You can always learn something from them and if you are lucky, you might find a mentor in one of them. If you are someone who is skilled and experienced, you can find someone to help with your support and guidance. A shared working space brings in a lot of opportunities to grow.

6.Hire or Get hired:

Speaking of opportunities, a shared working space can help you hire your team. You can find the right kind of people for your team which can increase your efficiency levels. If you are a freelancer, you can get hired by someone else who works at a desk across you. Finding people for a job isn’t a task but finding sincere and hardworking people for a job is. Working at a shared office space increases your chances of finding a good fit for various roles at your company.


Networking is probably the biggest benefit of working out of a shared office space. Networking can help you in tremendous ways to build your business. A shared office space enables you to do that. Some shared spaces organize networking events specifically so that people get to know each other better and are able to grow their circle. There are community managers hired in shared office spaces that help the people in the space not get isolated and feel like they are a part of a community together.

8.Productivity and meaningful work:

It is easy to zone out and procrastinate when you are working alone but working out of a shared coworking space solves the problem. A shared office space isn’t a traditional office space but it does have an office vibe and environment. It pushes you to be more productive and efficient at your tasks. At the same time, a shared office space puts you at ease. The timings are very flexible and you can walk in and walk out whenever you want to. If you are a late night person, there are full time functional shared office spaces as well. So you can work at the best productive hours for you. The aim to help you get your work done as efficiently as possible and a shared office space helps you do just that.

9. Access to information and learning:

A shared office space does a lot to ensure that their members aren’t just coming into the space and walking out at the end of the day tired of meeting their deadlines. They organize fun events and activities to ensure that their members are liking to come to work every day. They have skill development activities as well that help you learn new skill sets that might help you in your business or your daily life. They ensure that you don’t fall into the rut of monotony while you are working at a shared office space.

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