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Paris being a major real estate market, it has ensured a rise in its coworking industry as well. The shared office space segment is set to grow in Paris according to various research reports. There are global leaders in the coworking industry that have opened up locations in Paris and there has been a substantial increase in the number of domestic openings as well. Coworking spaces in Paris have a lot to offer and have quite different USPs too. Let’s have a look at some coworking spaces in Paris!

1.L’ Archipel:

L’ Archipel is an emergency accommodation centre along with having working space, including meeting rooms and desks. This is a perfect coworking space option if you are someone who is working on social impact projects. You get to interact with people from the same field who can guide you. You also get access to their Aurore network. They have a specific coworking program on every Tuesday and have weekly meetings to build a community. They also encourage people to innovate and work on projects for the emergency centre.

2.Le Tank:

Le Tank is a coworking space that has a place for everyone. It has a variety of options for people who live in Paris and also nomads who keep travelling from one place to another. They are also an event space. They have two types of event spaces: one with the meeting rooms and conference halls and another which is a large living space. They also have a collective and participative library. So you can get a read between your work schedules. They are more inclined towards creating a community of nomads who work in the digital space and are looking for a creative and inspiring shared office space in Paris.


TWO is a restaurant cum café cum coworking space. It has 250 meetings rooms and a large open space room. It is also an event space where you can host your professional trainings or workshops. Because it has a café and a restaurant attached to it, you don’t have to go far in case you want to take a break or grab a bite. But at the same time, the coworking space is neatly designed and is quiet. There are no disturbances that you might have to deal with here just because of having people over at the café or the restaurant. You can also privatize the café or the restaurant whenever you feel like throwing a team party!


Remix is more of a community than a coworking space. They truly believe in forming a community that is so tight, that they might as well be called your family. To ensure that they have like-minded people. They have an interview process for people to become members. If you get through, you will be welcomed and treated as a part of their own from the very first day. They encourage interaction and growth by organizing various events and also push people to be part of their community projects. They have several clubs as well to ensure that people have a good time and feel happy and energised every time they step into the coworking space. Remix ensures to boost your creative side and help you achieve your goals with brilliance!

Coworking spaces in Paris are shifting their styles of working and are looking to grow in this industry. With time, there will be many interesting offerings being provided that will ensure a tremendous increase in the coworking market in Paris.

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